The Wedding is Over! Now What?

Hello again! I am back from the craziness that is the wedding and honeymoon and super excited that I get to come back to my blog. It is crazy how much I have missed it. The wedding was so much fun and the day was fantastic. I keep hearing fabulous comments from guests that are things I would have never thought about the day. Needless to say, it was a day to remember and the guests had the best time.


I started E&I as a way to connect up with other brides to share ideas and get ideas from others. I wanted the community aspect and to get to know other brides. I like to talk and like to listen to people, and most importantly, I love to help out if I possibly can. I know the craziness that occurs and if I can help in any way, I am always game. That, first and foremost is my goal.

Believe it or not I actually kept a lot of things about my wedding a secret. When I get my photos back, I'll start to journey back into those ideas and the outcome of details and decor I chose. Obviously I will be recapping tons and tons as well. My favorite new idea is how I am going to be using all my wedding decor in my home, and making some money back from all the extra things I have. This poses a whole new challenge for me and allows me to continue to create on an aspect of my life, my home, by using everything I have already purchased and repurposing it all. Those, along with the regular real weddings and other features are some of the directions I plan to take E&I.

As for now, I am super excited about this For Japan With Love event taking place in SF tomorrow. Ian and I will be going and can't wait to see all the familiar lovely faces and meet so many new ones!

Find out ALL about the amazing event and fun items up for silent auction on the For Japan With Love website.