Hello From Sydney!

I know that I am not supposed to be blogging, but such is life! I can't wait to share tons more about the wedding (I miss it already! Can't wait to see the photos, OMG! I'm loving all the amazing things I have been hearing from people that were there!) and all about the adventures we have been taking during the Honeymoon.

We have been in Sydney for several days now and have seen so so much. We are hopping back on the plane later this afternoon to head over to the Gold Coast. Now THAT I am excited for :) This is a photo I captured at dinner the first day we were here. So so pretty.

Ok, I guess I didn't really have too much to say, but wanted to check in! Glad you guys have loved the posts this week, and though I love being here, it will be totally fun to go home and start life as a married couple!