Ok I am back from the whirlwind that was this wedding weekend. (Actually, tons of family and friends are still in town and we are continuing with an after-after party tonight!) Time to unpack and get everything settled, then pack it all up again for Australia on Monday! The wedding in reality put all the drawings, inspiration boards and ideas that I had of the wedding to shame. What I imagined it would be pales in comparison to how it turned out. And that is all thanks to the amazing team that I had there to help me.

Thanks so much for all the love and the well wishes over the past few days. I saw every one, even if I didn't respond to it personally. (although I think I responded to about 90%). We are super super excited about Australia and New Zealand and about starting the rest of our lives.

I will definitely give all the details, stories and re-caps when I have photos to show you all how it turned out!