DIYing Is Over-Rated

This coming from the girl who decided it was necessary to take on each and every individual project with a new idea for DIYing. So I can't necessarily say that I totally believe this title, though I thought it was fitting due to the "fine line" I'm about to mention. Essentially I feel like every portion, every table and pretty much every single thing that any guest will happen to lay their eyes on, should reflect us and be a personalized touch. Talk about a wedding planner's nightmare right? I have most recently come to my senses the conclusion that maybe that isn't the most important part. When I am in the moment, I won't quite care that my to-do list hasn't been complete.

So here is the fine line between DIY amazingness, and insanity. DIY where you can to save the big bucks, but don't think that saving $1,00 is worth being your own caterer. Believe me, I looked into it, and it is not worth it. But things like candle holders, vases, signs, and even table cloths can be great money savers not to mention can be exactly as you imagined. I'm going to go ahead and say that I have saved at least $1,000 if not more just by DIYing. (probably at the price of sanity, but there is always compromise!)

Lastly, DIY the important stuff. Those little details, those little touches that you really feel will make or break your day. But only those things that are personal to you, and for the rest, let it go and do it if you have time. No, guests aren't going to notice if you hang little letters from the outdoor lights during the cocktail hour, so skip it. And as for those bigger projects, find someone who knows how to make it and make it well. I swear, you will save a lot of time and money instead of staying up all night and learning out to sew just so you can make your own fabric flower bouquets.

I love DIYing, and though I will probably do very little of it after the wedding, it was a great experience and I will be happy to have each of my projects complete and propped up for all eyes to see. But, if these projects come at the price of sanity, pay a little more and get a professional (aka and amazing Etsy designer) to do the work for you. It will probably look 100 times better anyway!

Happy Crafting!