Honeymooning In Style

So first of all, I am doing a ton of honeymoon research hence all the posts about it. I totally love all of your suggestions for what to do while we are in Australia (and now New Zealand as well!) and I have started researching and booking some of those places. My first concern is the 17 hour flight we have to sit on. I have to pack lots of entertainment. Enter the iPad 2. I am not a fan of the iPad only because I have a Mac Book Pro and an iPhone 4....so what else is missing from that that an iPad will solve? I have always said that the only thing an iPad is good for is if you are traveling, and hey, I'm traveling! I will probably get one, although I need to find some reason to have it besides the honeymoon, and the jury is still out on that. So far the only one I have is that I love playing Diner Dash on it. I beat the iPhone game version with a perfect score of 5 stars for 50 levels and the iPad will pose a new challenge. (Honestly this is the only game I have ever been addicted to...I'm not a loser, I swear.)

(I'm getting white!)

So basically the plane will consist of sleeping, computer time, iPad time, and movie time. I feel like such a couch potato saying that, but it's not like I have that many options.

Next up we arrive in Australia. Seeing as the seasons are different I have to shop for the exact opposite season than it actually is. Come on Nordstrom, get on it, I need some good stuff!  Here is a beachy 'fit that will be perfect for my idea of Australia weather. Just hoping it is in cold!

Source: Cover Up, Necklace, Shoes

And lastly, bathing suit time. I haven't purchased a bathing suit in like 3 years. Essentially I just never had a reason to until now.

Source: White, Gray

So there you have it. Shopping time here we come!