Our Honeymoon Abode

Everything is getting closer, I just can't believe it. The honeymoon really should be booked by now, but seeing as that was on Ian's side of the wedding to-do list, it hasn't been done. One day I will come to terms with the fact that boys just don't care as much as girls. (Though I will say that Ian has done a beyond incredible job on the invites, escort cards, website, and all that design stuff. So I don't mind taking over on this.)

For about a week I went back and forth between the Mediterranean Islands and Australia. After crunching the numbers for both and doing tons of research on both, Australia won the battle. Basically they will cost the same, and Australia is so different. But the tie breaker of the whole thing was seeing that there is a Versace Hotel in Australia. Obvi the winner, duh.

So, welcome to our honeymoon abode!

The hotel has something called the "Water Salon" which is basically a pool made like a beach with amazing sand. I don't totally get it, but whatever it is, it sounds totally awesome.

The Versace Hotel is on the Gold Coast of Australia. I am not sure what else there is to do in the area, and it is about 4 hours north of Sydney, so we will probably stay here for part of the time, then travel elsewhere. And if everything permits, we are hoping that we get the chance to head over to New Zealand for a bit of time as well.

So there you have it. The amazing honeymoon destination. And as far as the money aspect of it all goes, here is a little tip for you beginner planners. When I first started, I set a budget for the wedding and one for the honeymoon. I didn't want all the honeymoon money to be burnt up by wedding expenses, so I made sure to keep them all separate and for no reason wanted to use that because as amazing as the wedding is going to be, I want a good chunk of time going on a trip and exploring the world together. And that is what ended up happening :)