Wedding Update: 2 Months To Go

I feel like I haven't written about my wedding in a long long time! Well, I have many many good things to report as of now. Things are getting down to the wire and decisions are starting to get made. I'm super excited about the ideas that came about from my daily inspiration posts. I have honed in on a color palette (FINALLY) and have practically every part of the space designed and ready to go. I am just making some final decisions to top it off the plans and then I get to focus on actually going out and buying all the supplies I need and making everything!

The elements that I have decided to hone in on are books, lace, burlap, wild flowers, organic tones with pops of color, and even a few birdcages. I'm loving the direction the plans are going, and in a few short months, you guys will get the chance to see exactly what I have been working on this whole time.

The invitations are practically done. We printed and addressed all the invitations. I am waiting for the RSVP card to get done so I can send those babies off, then feature them here. I am totally in love with them and I know you will be too!

I just realized. This is almost over. :( What am I going to do?? Of course when it is over that means that I am married :). I guess there is an upside to everything! How are your plans coming along??? Srsly, I want to hear all about the logistics today. PS: A little insight on the "wedding room". Luckily I have an extra bedroom which has officially been taken over by all things wedding.

PS: This isn't totally related but I have an epic recipe suggestion for all of you who want to go off diet and really make it count :) Every time Ian's brother comes over he always wants dessert which leaves me in the kitchen putting together something from the bare baking section of my kitchen. I found this recipe in the new Bon Appetite magazine for brownies and it turns out I had everything I needed. These brownies were absolutely incredible. I'm telling you, it was totally worth the stick and a half of butter and everything.

Brownie Recipe.