{For Brides} Bustle Black Label

I'm very excited about Bustle Black Label because I can see the amazing possibilities it holds for you brides out there. This service is the mixture of 3 very talented Bay Area vendors who have come together to work their magic as a whole for your wedding.

Floral Theory is a Bay Area florist that specializes in creating totally unique florals that roll with texture for a wonderful wedding day look. She has done many amazing florals one of which was for Liz's Wedding.

Next up is Bustle Events, an event design and paper company. If you are thinking against hiring a designer for your wedding, you should think again because Erin from Bustle creates some amazing designs as well as some unique paper products that will be the icing on the cake for your wedding.

Finally is Christine Taylor Photography. I have not had the chance to work with her as I have with the other two but from stalking her site and blog, it is quite clear that she is an incredibly talented photographer who will capture your day just perfectly.

You may have caught this photo shoot that was featured on Style Me Pretty a few months back. This was the amazing combination of these three vendors working together.

From experience I can say that I would love if my combination of vendors had worked together in the past and had their groove going. Undoubtably it would make the entire look even more amazing because they could work with each other to create something that compliments the other.

When you book the services of all three of these vendors, you get to take advantage of discounts on all three! So basically this service saves time and money (two things most brides don't have ample amounts of these days) and you know you are in incredibly wonderful hands. Find out more about Black Label.

Both Floral Theory and Bustle Events are listed on The Inspired List!