Getting Healthy For The Wedding

The 3 month mark has officially passed! This means that in 2 months and 30 days.....I'll be married. :)

Weight loss is not something I need to really think about all that much, but when there is a wedding on the line, I can't help but focus on it, seeing as I'll be seeing these photos for the rest of my life. If there is any time that I have to look my best, it's my wedding. So I'll spend a moment to take an in depth approach to one of my new year's resolutions. For me, it's a balance of fitness, nutrition and flexibility.

Source: Elizabeth Messina

As far as nutrition goes, we should probably skip this so I don't totally embarrass myself. Basically I eat oatmeal and drink a lot of tea, oh and I eat tons of vegetables. Not so good for the health of my body. And when I "binge" I eat pastries. I am totally obsessed with bagels, scone, croissants. You name it, I love it. Which doesn't bode so well seeing as I pretty much work in a coffee shop for 40 hours a week. :( But this plan of action is neither healthy, nor smart, so this year I plan to change that. I'm sticking to simplicity though. Brown rice, chicken or salmon, and tons of veggies. And today, I didn't even have my normal scone!


I am lucky enough to not have to worry about shedding too many pounds, but instead focus on toning and strength which will show on my wedding day. I decided that the best way to handle this problem (since weight lifting is pretty much out of the question for me) is to take Yoga. I'm just starting out, but so far I can see two things. First off, I have the worst balance/flexibility ever. And second, my body feels amazing after this type of a work out. I am already getting more toned and stretching parts of my body that I never even knew existed before! It is also a totally amazing way for me to shed the stress of my day to day life and the added stress of wedding planning and take a moment to focus on myself. So basically, I'm totally obsessed with yoga. Totally.

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Lastly and the final component to my personal program is bike riding. Again, totally obsessed. The winter is definitely my off season because it is so darn cold, but I highly enjoy biking as soon as it gets above 70. Instead of going on bike rides every week, I let my car sit in the driveway and take the bike instead. I bike during short errands and to and from Peets. I even bike to Ian's dad's house every Sunday (which is about an hour ride) instead of driving. This totally burns fat and creates muscle at the same time.

I can't say that I am 100% at following this little program of mine, but when I do, I can tell. So for the next 3 months (and hopefully longer) I am going to focus my hardest on doing all of the above. Will it work? I guess we will find out when I see my wedding photos!