Sparkle White Inspiration

We're in the final stretch of 2010, time to get your paper out and start jotting down your resolutions. I've never actually done resolutions at the beginning of the year, but I figure the idea can't be half bad. I've been thinking a lot about what they are going to be and what I am going to accomplish in the coming year. This year is going to be a BIG one, so I better start getting prepared now. In other news, this board just seems fitting to me today. So many of you are snowed in and stuck in blizzards while us over here on the west coast are enjoying ever so cold temps. So here is a board of the spring that is to come when white becomes beautiful, and when the next lot of brides tie the knot! I oh so very in love with every piece of this board today.

Source: Chandeliers, J Crew, Shoes, Vase, Bouquet