Etsy Favorites

I see so many amazing weddings that have accents from Etsy. I know that Etsy is an incredible wedding resource for us brides, but for some reason I never seem to find anything on there. Maybe it's the way I search or the things I am looking for, but I never seem to find anything good from Etsy! Yet, I KNOW those amazing shops exist. Are their other brides out there that feel the same way? So, who wants to help me out here? What are your favorite Etsy shops? Shops you stalk, you ordered from, or you plan to have in your wedding?

I do have a small few of my own that I really do love which I figured I would list below but I would love you all to post some links of your fave Etsy shops as well!

Rosebud Lips

Oatmeal Lace


Here are some of the links to shops that other's recommend! Happy Etsy shopping.

The Back Porch Shoppe

Print Your Party


Katie Armour

Tux and Tulle

Lara Leigh Designs

Alex Bridal