He Liked It, So He (finally) Put a Ring on It

December 3rd 2009 started as any other day. I went to work at 6:00am then got home around 7:00pm with a massive to-do list seeing as I was hosting a fashion show just a few days from then. Ian insisted on us getting a tree that night. I had shipments of clothing come in that I needed to sort through and organize. But no, we HAD to decorate the tree.

I was unintentionally doing a lot of things to ruin his plans. Thinking about it now, I wasn't letting him get away with anything. I was way too high maintenance that day, but what could I say, I was freaking out about a fashion show that HAD to go well.

After getting incredibly upset about a few of the dumbest things ever, he finally got me to decorate the tree. (Not always my favorite thing to do seeing as it requires pulling out tons of stuff, organizing it, etc. etc) After we finished I began to open up all the boxes and sort the clothes. He went into the bathroom and locked the door. (He never ever locks the door) I tried to walk in to no avail. He came out after a few minutes and asked me to come to the living room. After being difficult I agreed and walked out in major PJs. Honestly, embarrassing....

He pulled me closer and I sat on his lap. And then just put his head against mine for several minutes without saying anything. I think that was the point where I finally realized what was happening. I honestly couldn't talk, but neither could he. You could tell he had never done this before (OBVI) because he was flustered and really didn't know what to do. He pulled out the little white box and again didn't say anything. He gave it to me while trying to mumble a few words. I didn't know what to do! Do I open it? Do I wait for him to say something? I don't think either of us really knew what to do.

He began his speech which really sounded like he was getting back together with me. And he repeated himself a lot. But it was very cute. It was incredibly cute. Then he told me to open the box. Something to know about Ian is that he is pretty frugal........that may be an understatement. So when I opened the box I wasn't really expecting very much at all. But OMG! It was massive! I couldn't believe that he actually picked out an amazing ring and that he got something sizeable. I was pretty stunned. (and every time we are together and someone compliments my ring, he gets secretly sort of excited I think.)

So that was pretty much about how my day went a year ago today. It was incredible and he is incredible so I was a pretty happy girl.

I don't know exactly why but I love these photos of us!

PS: Can I just say that writing this story gave me butterflies the whole way through and put a major grin on my face. He is such an amazing person that doesn't always get all that much credit from me. But I don't know what I would do without him in real life. . I can't wait for many many anniversaries to come to watch us grow together and do incredibly well, and for little Reaghan and Brooklyn to come into this world and make our lives a million times better than ever.