{Our Wedding} Take 5

Each week these boards seem to get harder and harder! I feel like I have done a lot of honing in on the basic details of the wedding but when it comes to the details beyond that, I get weary with decision making. The thing I love about Tuesdays is that it forces me to work through those ideas and make decisions. Yay for that. This past weekend I met with the caterer. I now know what to expect from them which totally helps me out. They were incredibly nice and their food was so full of flavor. We then took a little trip over to Holman Ranch yet again so I could figure out where to place everything. That was extremely helpful, I must say!

And now for the trends and additions to my wedding for this week.

There are a lot of places in the venue that I need to spruce up. One of them is the dinner area and the other is the dancing and games area. I really want to have something hanging above our heads during dinner, but the question is what can I use that doesn't look dumb. Mason jars are out of the question (not to mention the fact that I don't want to light 100 candles) but I need something with color. So the thought process is this: do those hanging pom pom things on strings. Every few I am going to have something that hangs down further and that is bigger like the photo above. I could do flowers, or I could do these really cool yarn balls! Or I could do a little bit of both.

The area behind the head table is this amazing wood wall that has SO many opportunities. I want to create a really amazing "set" behind there so to speak. Windows for sure, and maybe some of those hanging balls and flowers?

Wow, today was a great wedding planning day! Now I just have to figure out who in the world is going to set all this stuff up for me. I really need a planner apparently!