{Our Wedding} Inspiration Take 4

I definitely need to get on the wedding planning BIG TIME! I'm not too worried though. I know it will all turn out great no matter what. I'm sort of dabbling when it comes to this board. Can't decide how much lavender and how much cotton to add to the wedding, but I know I definitely want both! And now for this week's "Our Wedding" Inspiration! Oh and don't forget to comment with your answer to the poll. I need help with this one.

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Cotton: I am most definitely doing cotton. I want to add it to the bouquets and I want to add it in a few other places in the ceremony and reception. I'm thinking maybe in bud vases? Oh and it looks so cool with these little hanging balls of cotton! Now I need to find a place to hang that!

Lavender: Love the lavender! Let me just put it this way, I always smell like lavender and I buy every lavender product ever. I'm obsessed. I'm thinking (and this is very pre-mature) having the bridesmaid bouquets consist of cotton and lavender. Not sure how it will look when it is all together, but it sounds like a good idea. Now for a little Poll: who likes the idea of lavender and cotton bouquets???

Chandeliers: I really want chandeliers, especially with my venue. But, I have to come up with another alternative, and this light bulb creation caught my eye as the most amazing substitute! It is far more original and if I do it right, they are going to look absolutely amazing all over the venue! I love finding alternatives to things that are just far better for me, and far more original!

That's my wedding planning of the week! I hope you're loving the ideas thus far. I can't wait until April to see it all come together! It's getting SO close I can't even believe it. Oh and PS, my dress arrives in the beginning of February. Going to be a great day.

Poll: A bouquet of cotton and lavender: It'll look super cute and chic, or it's just not a good idea?? Thanks for the help.