Wedding To-Do's and a Recap!

Because I am not interested in putting everything off until the last minute, I have decided to set a new target date for myself. I have decided that I am going to get 90% of the wedding done by my birthday which is on December 9th. This way I can enjoy my birthday, the holidays, and not worry about planning again until January!


I understand the massive goal in front of me, there is A LOT! Since I decided this I have gotten my butt into gear and I have actually gotten things done. One of which was creating the absolutely complete and totally organized list of to-dos....which goes on for quite a while. Each part of the wedding is broken down in a separate section of the list making it easy for my to think with the overall look of the venue and the wedding.

I have 3 weeks and a few days left until my birthday, but I have 4 weekends. But seeing as I work for myself, weekends don't mean nearly as much as they used to.

So, here are the things I am going to get done by nightfall on Sunday. I figure it isn't a bad idea to post these things on here because I actually have to stick to them!

1. Order Cotton 2. Put Lace, Hangers, Chicken wire and twine on the armoire. 3. Get wood for table legs and chicken wire from Home Depot. 4. Get cupcake stands and make the table number displays. 5. Make the ceremony sign 6. Wrap books in kraft paper, lace, and twine to see what it looks like. Mock up the centerpiece 7. Make a batch of two-tiered mini cakes to see if I can do it! 8. Go to Priscilla of Boston and do the final fitting!!! 9. Order fashion accessories 10. Research birdcages and find out where to buy and if they are expensive! 11. Figure out the save the dates and actually send something.

Ok that may be all for now. It is not really that much but it is a lot of going here and there. PS: Who thinks a bouquet of lavender and cotton would look good for the bridesmaids? I can't really picture it but I can see it being amazing.

What things are on your wedding to-do list this weekend??? I hope you all are getting a lot done :)

As far as this past week, we had a lot going on. Plenty of giveaways, updates, and inspiration.

The Inspired List received some much needed changes and improvements! This site just keeps getting better and better! Check it out to find vendors in your area :) and if you want more vendors in your area, let me know the location of your wedding and I'll do some research for you! Check out all the updates and additions on my post about it!

Discount Time! This time it is on something that you'll love, videography packages. I know this is often the first thing to get crossed off the budget, believe me, I have been there, but having the memories of the looks you two gave each other, the speeches and the guests tears can not be displayed in photos. The good news this time is that Silber Studios is offering $500 off any package booked before the end of the year! Check out the details and the packages.

This is my wedding inspiration, Take 3. Well, part of it. I have a whole post about it and you can check out boards 1 and 2 while you are at it! The wedding is less than 5 months away, eek!

MagnetStreet is kind enough to host this giveaway, the prize being 100 free holiday cards. These are fully customizable too! They have a line of invitations and save-the-dates as well, but with the holidays nearing, who doesn't want free holiday cards??? Find out how to enter!