The Inspired List Gets a Few Updates

Well, that isn't entirely true actually, but we are simplifying parts of the site and making things better each and everyday. I have some wonderful updates for all of your brides and vendors out there.

{The Stats} We launched 1 month ago. Can you believe it has only been a month?? In that time we have added 230 vendors to the site all around North America. The feedback has been absolutely amazing and brides are using the site with success! We know that we need to add at least 1,000-2,000 more vendors ASAP to make the site incredibly easy and beneficial to use, but this definitely isn't a bad start!

{City Search} We know that the city search is where we are getting the most feedback. Yes, it has extreme potential, but yes, we definitely need to make it better. We have launched two new features to make searching by city a lot simpler. The cities with the most vendors listed in then will appear on the "Top Cities" list. Also, brides can easily search "more vendors in that state" to broaden their search more. Next up will be vendors being able to be listed in multiple cities! Stay tuned for that.

{Giveaways} We have given away over $2,000 in prizes since The Inspired List has launched. And we aren't even close to done yet! Check out our current giveaway for 100 free holiday cards from MagnetStreet. We also have a vendor giveaway with the prize being an iPad for premium vendors who sign up for The Inspired List. Let's also not forget about the videography discounts and giveaways that we are giving away too!

{Vendor Tags} Vendors, you can now promote your listing on The Inspired List super easily on your blog! Go to "My Account" on The Inspired List and on the main screen you will see a tag for you. It is programmed to have YOUR photo and will link to your listing on The Inspired List. This makes it very simple for you to spread the word, so go for it!

Look how simple that is! Go grab yours right now and add it to your blog or sidebar!

{Thank You} Thank you to everyone who has been apart of The Inspired List thus far! We have been working very hard to increase the vendor list, make searching simpler and to really create a site that brides can use and find extremely valuable to their planning. We would love to hear stories of people who found a vendor through The Inspired List, hear any feedback (good or bad) about the site, or suggestions of things we should add.