{Our Wedding} Inspiration Take 3

Week 3 and I still seem to be able to come up with inspiration boards t reflect my wedding. This is totally a good thing because it means I am making progress and making decisions. First off, just curious if anyone else fall asleep to color palettes and tablescapes? I do and it pretty much keeps me up for a long time! You all would be incredibly proud of my progress yesterday! I went to anthropologie and got the centerpiece and bud vases. And I got the cutest little hangers that I am using for the armoire. It's going to look so incredible. Then I headed over to Michael's and picked up everything I need to create an epic ceremony sign. Oh and I found little tiny 1 inch wood letters to create the table numbers. Today I am heading over to Home Depot to get some wood and some chicken wire. (somewhere in the process I took up the trade of a woodsman. Well, I call it a woodsman at least)

I finally figured out how to keep everything of mine totally organized. It's this site called Backpack which I never thought to use for wedding stuff, but it is so simple and now all my lists are super organized. I needed that!

Ok, onto my inspiration for the week!

Birdcages: I'm feeling these out but I want something that hangs above so birdcages are definitely in the running. I have to research where to find them, how much they are, etc first but I think these would look great hanging in front of the tree.

Cotton: Yep, I'm doing cotton. I'm thinking of having these hanging strands go behind the head table or maybe in a few other places. They are pretty awesome.

Signs: The signs behind us will be something like this all cute and spelled out!

Windows: OMG, these old windows are making several guest appearances in the wedding. They won't be the escort cards (though that would have been far simpler) but they will be our sign in.

Drawers: I plan on using drawers to hold the favors for the guests. It will be a cute way to display all the jam jars. Luckily, I already have the drawers.

Ok, 4 weeks to get everything done. My backpack to-do list has about 60 items to get done, so wish me luck! Oh and for those of you who don't follow me on Twitter, I was saying yesterday that no one will even make the two tiered mini cakes that I want for the wedding......so it looks as if I will be making those myself. Craftsman and Baker...it has a good ring to it, don't you think??

Check out Inspiration Board Number 1 and Number 2 to get the whole concept of the wedding thus far!