{Our Wedding} Inspiration Take Two

Last week I posted a small fraction of my wedding inspiration. I figured I would post another this week and for the next several weeks until it creates a complete image of the wedding. So here it goes!

Source: Sign, Jam, Vase, Tablescape

Ceremony Signs: I am unbelievably obsessed with these ceremony signs. Holman Ranch actually has a great ceremony set up where I could totally add a sign above it. We are definitely doing this instead of the traditional alter.

Jam Favors: Most of you probably already know that I am doing jam favors, but I love this photo so much that I figured it was worth adding. Still haven't started making the jam yet, and I may have to pick new flavors depending on what fall berries are in season.

Burlap Wrapped Vases: I think I finally decided on my vases, but if there is one thing I know about me, it is that I suck at making a decision without wavering later. Oh, and did I mention that my focus always seems to go on the very minor details like the vase choice?? I really hope I am not the only one out there that focuses too much on these unimportant tidbits. Anyways, back to my vases. I am doing these SUPER cute Anthropologie sugar and cream containers as centerpieces. Next, and to add some filler to the tables, I am going to do a few smaller vases wrapped in burlap. These may have candles in them, not totally sure.

Tablescape: Overall this is a tablescape that I love. I am planning on adding some of these elements to my design but I definitely have a lot of other elements that will make it a very unique table.

So there you go! Are you loving the inspiration so far??