Updates and S'More

O EM GEE! These past few weeks have been insane. Not to mention that it is insane to think that I have a wedding in 5.5 months and I am literally making like no progress. Ekks. These are the times when I would love to have an event designer to help me out. I have a new wedding goal though, are you ready for it? I am going to be going to Boston and New York for my birthday in early December. My goal is to have 90% of the wedding stuff DONE! That is going to be a tall order seeing as that is really only 6 weeks away, but I am totally into making that the plan. I know that from January to April I will have about 50% left to go (even if I get my 90% done....weddings don't conform to the rules of math BTW). I'm excited. Now for the giveaways! Everyone has been e-mailed if they won, and believe me, there are tons more up my sleeve. Becca won the Rosebud Lips giveaway and Marit won the wooden Mr. and Mrs. signs! Congrats to them and all the other winners!

The Inspired List is going extremely well, and we are working to make it better and better each and every day! If you would like to see your city there with a ton of vendors, or you would like to see more vendor categories, just send me an e-mail at theinspiredlist@gmail.com. I'll make it all happen! And you can let vendors know too that when they sign up, they can win an Apple iPad!

I hope you feel caught up to my life story by now. I am going to have to figure out working from home and planning a wedding at the same time.

For now, here is the idea behind the ever growing s'more bar! How epic would this be??