{The Inspired List} Giveaways and Updates

As you can see, I have taken a small turn away from my wedding at the moment (apparently I know how to get very easily side-tracked) as I get ready for the launch of The Inspired List. We have sent the site for testing, feedback, blogger review, etc. Finally and officially. Last night around 11:00pm Ian and I looked at each other with a "this is actually done" look. It is going to be incredible. Here are some of the giveaways we have set up for the launch.

The official launch is 1 week from today! Can you believe it?? In one short week all of you will have some amazing eye candy not to mention an incredibly useful product that just may take a lot of the stress away from planning, and I am not joking here!

And, seeing as a project is never done just like fashion (thanks for the quote Mark Zuckerburg. Well, actually thanks to the fake Mark Zuckerburg that played the real one in The Social Network) we already have a full list of features, additions, changes, etc. that will be rolling out continuously through the next few months.

Here is a little sneak peak of the giveaways we have in store. Get ready for it because this is going to be an insane giveaway week! It's rather shocking how many giveaways I have! Good luck to you all :)