Monday Morning Boudoir

I'm excited to show such a fun boudoir shoot with you all today. This shoot was done by Henry + Masci Photography who now specialize in boudoir shoots. Such amazing photos came out of this shoot and I am so excited to share. I know there has been a lot of talk about it here and there, but really, who is doing a boudoir shoot?? Are you doing it before your wedding or maybe as a 1 year present? Now, let's get to the shoot, and since I know we are all looking at her jewelry, let me just say that her necklace is just amazing!

{Credit} Photos: Henry + Masci Photography, Make Up: Jessica Sara Taylor, Hair: Shelby Ferris

Next up, let me say a quick word about The Inspired List! It is definitely coming soon. I have been playing with it and it all works! Few more geeky things have to be done, then we can launch it to all of you! It will be launched to vendors before the actual launch week, so if you are a vendor and are not signed up to receive an e-mail update, do it now so you get to hear about it first! As for brides, launch week will officially be October 12-16! During this time will have TONS of giveaways for brides and vendors, lots of amazing content to show, and of course, a new and amazing way to find vendors fast and easily with what you need and want. Stay tuned, everyone, it all goes down in the next two weeks! If you are a blogger, vendor, bride, or shop owner and want to be a part of it now, check out all the ways you can get involved!