Ranch Weddings Shoes

This could very possibly be my FAVORITE photo of the moment. I love the moment so much.

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As you may have noticed, that photo really inspired me to do a whole post on wedding shoes, or more specifically, wedding boots! This is a trend is a ranch trend that I will most likely be leaving behind. I have never worn cowboy boots in my life, and I am not sure that my wedding is the place to try it out. That being said, this is still an incredibly fun little trend!

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I love shots of the bride holding up her dress for a little peek of what is underneath. Whether they are statement pumps, or cowboy boots, it's a really fun photo idea. I definitely want to do a ton of those (well not a TON because that would probably be rather boring, but I definitely want to play around with it!)

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So what do you guys think?? Anyone adding this trend into their ranch style wedding? Any recent brides who did this trend??

Can't get enough of shoe trends?? Well, luckily I have put together a whole shoe post for another blog I write for! So, you don't have to end your shoe satisfaction of the day because I have tons of shoe eye candy over there, like literally tons! Here are a few of my favorite favorite shots from the post. (I NEED to do these shots on my wedding day!!)

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