Wedding Updates and Our Favors

3 day weekend is over and now we are back to the usual. I ended up spending all of yesterday working and doing wedding stuff, which is pretty much just as fun as anything else I could have been doing during my "day off". Good news is that I got SO much done. It was amazing actually. So today I figured I would talk about my wedding update since there is so much to talk about. First off, I went dress shopping for the first time! YAY for me. I was seriously dreading it all. I swear I was planning on just never going. I was walking back from my morning coffee trip and decided to see if the Pricilla of Boston store had a dress I wanted to try on. I saw it on a recycled dress website and thought I should see it in person. Well, I didn't find it but fell in love with another dress that I HAD to try on. I made an appointment, went back, and tried on 6 dresses. Turns out the girl who was helping me was the same girl that helped Lizzie buy her dress! I tried on 6 dresses, all Melissa Sweet. I narrowed it down to three. (Wish I could post some photos right about now but I can't)

Secondly, I found some AMAZING websites for wedding supplies and cute ideas. So amazing. "Three Potato Four" is definitely worth checking out for some cute vintage items. Also, is great to find the best deals and shop for a certain product.

I have decided the perfect way to execute my DIY projects. Since I have 10 on the to-do list (and counting) it is really is going to drive me crazy if I have to keep all of these in my mind. I decided that I am going to pick a project, buy everything for that, do it all, and put it away until the wedding. I figure this will keep my head on straight and will allow me to get everything done in time. This past weekend I ordered a TON of supplies. 13,600 feet of baker's twine in different colors, 1000 kraft paper tags, etc. etc. I wasn't down with spending $10 on 100 feet of baker's twine when I could buy in bulk for far less!

So, I'll be selling the twine forĀ  $1 per 25 feet ( and $3 for 100 feet). I don't need it all and that is the lowest you will ever find without ordering over 10,000 feet of twine. The kraft paper shipping tags will be .25 cents per (what I paid for them) for those who don't want to feel ripped off spending SO much more than that. I'm not marking these up because the point was to save myself some money (buying in bulk) and save you all some money as well while I am at it! More details to come soon.

Lastly, and the point of this post, our wedding favors. I know I have been saying we are going to do mini pies this whole time. After thinking about it a lot, I decided against it. This is why: I will have to make them pretty much as close to the wedding as possible, which I won't have time for. Not everyone will be eating the pies at the reception and will therefore take them home. They will probably get smooshed in the car or in someone's purse before they actually have the chance to eat the pie. There is just too much risk involved. So, I am changing my idea to homemade jam! I know this is no new idea, but who cares, I am totally into it. Just like the pies, my grandma definitely made a ton of jam, so I am still keeping the sentimental favor there a bit.


This is by far one of my favorite photos of the moment! I just love the tags and that fabric is to die for! I have to come up with a super cute sign for the favors too! I will be putting the favors in those cute wooden crates stacked on top of each other. I think I am going to have 3 different kinds of jam and 3 wooden crates to hold each flavor.

Source: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6

I'm still playing with all the different ideas, tags and fabrics I can use, but I am thinking it will look something like a combination of all of these??

I have been making a ton of wedding decisions lately which I am super excited about. This thing kicks off in just 7 months so it is definitely important that I make quick decisions and get things executed as fast as possible. I'm pretty darn happy with the progress so far!