The Inspired List….Coming Soon!

Ian and I have been working hard on the concept behind this site as well as ensuring it come to fruition. So, you can imagine my sheer excitement to see a "coming soon" page go up today! It's coming soon!!! YAY! Oh and let me officially announce the new site, The Inspired List. Check it out and sign up for an e-mail update when it does launch! While we all watch Ian design and code it all behind the scenes (well, I see him do it but I doubt you guys will.....) I am working on everything else to make this site a grand success!

Here is how you can get involved!

Bloggers: If there are any bloggers or wedding sites out there who would like to post about this site when it launches, I totally want to hear from you. (and for you, I can give a sneak peak to all that the site entails). In exchange I can offer a post on Engaged & Inspired, or advertising on the blog, or almost anything else that your heart desires.  E-mail me with your interest!

Brides and Vendors: Just so you know, this whole entire site is for you. With the extensive research I have done of both brides and vendors, I have been working to create something that is both user-friendly, inexpensive, and focuses on things brides and vendors want the most. If you haven't yet, feel free to add your feedback as we are still making tweaks to the site.

EVERYONE: And Lastly, we are going to be doing a ton of giveaways during the month of the launch. I want to give away things you guys really want, so comment below of prize ideas!  Bridal accessories, gift cards, ipad, ipod, Crate and Barrel treats??

If you own an Etsy shop or any other type of shop and want to add a giveaway (in exchange for advertising!) then e-mail me ( I would totally love to hear from you all.

Mushy Stuff: Thank you all for reading and for being here. None of this would have ever come about without the sheer support and help from all you readers, and definitely if it wasn't for my fiance either! But, you guys really really keep me going. I am doing this for you, to make your planning life a lot easier, and to help these talented and amazing vendors get their names out there. I look forward to the launch and I hope you are all behind me.