Venue: CHECK!

FINALLY FINALLY FINALLY! The venue has been found and booked! Yep, there is officially a backdrop to this wedding.

I have seen this place many times before, but the price tag always scared me away. ( But I can't tell you how much I appreciate them putting their prices on their website). Finally I decided to call and what do you know, they had options, they had solutions, and they were going to try to make it work. After talking to the Hunter and calling a few caterers, it was clear that it could actually work with my budget.

After viewing practically every venue in the Bay Area, I can finally say picked the best venue in a few hundred mile radius. So, here is a look at the venue:

The Entrance: Gorgeous trees fill just about every inch of this place. From the moment you drive up the ambiance is set. Horseshoes and a bocce ball spot are to the left for guests to entertain themselves prior to the ceremony starting.

The ceremony spot: The photos don't do the ceremony spot any justice. In person, it is breathtaking. The view beyond the altar is vineyards and rolling mountains. It is actually incredible. Those wood chairs that come with the venue. They are nice, right? Definitely better than what they could look like.

The cocktail patio: The thing I love about this place is that each piece of the wedding takes place in a different area. The cocktail patio opens to a sitting room (pictured below) for guests.

Courtyard Patio: This is the coolest little patio I have ever seen! So many options for this little spot. Place cards will likely go here, however I haven't quite decided yet.

Reception: This is the dinner spot. So excited for all this place has to offer. I think I am going to do long tables like this. I am definitely going to look into renting picnic tables, because I was totally obsessed with that idea, but that all depends on price.

The Carriage House: After dinner people end up at the Carriage House (MY FAVORITE PART!) for the dancing portion of the event. This is where the s'more and cigar bar come out, fire pits get lit and music starts up. I can't wait to do something incredible with this space. See those fire pits?? This place really was meant for me! Incredible.

So this is the venue! Great neutral colors, great photo spots, overall gorgeous space. A bride rented those lounge tables and chairs. Oh and the guests all arrive by golf cart and cars are parked elsewhere so those won't be obstructing any kind of view.

The girls have a huge room to get ready (with LOTS of table space) and the boys have a pool table, darts, a TV and a small bar. We are going to have fun!

This place is perfect. I couldn't be more excited to see my wedding finally come together in such a beautiful space. On top of that, I love the events person, Hunter! She truly cares about each and every one of her brides and has so much pride in this place she has created. I am incredibly excited to work with someone that really gets it, and acts like we are her only clients even though in reality they are booked solid all year long!

So, we sent in the check and it is official! This place is ours! Now I get to do all the fun stuff, I can't wait to see it all come together. Oh and our wedding date? April 8, 2011.