Anniversary Recap and Random Favorites

This weekend Ian and I had a little weekend getaway to Pismo Beach for our Anniversary. We left early on Saturday morning and arrived around 1:00pm or so. Our first hotel was pretty horrible, especially for the price tag. We called around (no one had availability, or at least any of the nice places) but we finally found one a few miles away that had one room left. Avila La Fonda was the name of the hotel. The room had a full kitchen and a sitting room. Where was the bed? The bellman told us that they host a complimentary wine reception in the lobby with wine and various snacks such as buffalo wings, veggies, etc. While we are down there they move the furniture and make up our bed. It was totally awesome. This place knew their amenities. They had everything you could ever need, and everyone was so nice. They definitely took a hotel room stay to the next level. The first thing we did was go ATV riding. Not much to say about that, I didn't like it. But, he really wanted to go and at least we got to experience doing that. I will never go again though. We headed over to dinner at Lido. This was easily some of the best food I have ever eaten in my life. Easily.

The next morning we walked to the coffee shop, had some breakfast, got pedicures, and started to head home. It was a great trip for sure, and definitely something we both needed. I didn't work all weekend, can you believe it??

Ok-now that I went off about my weekend, here's a compilation of things I love. Random things that never fit anywhere, but that I love just the same.

Totally doing this cucumber water idea for either the wedding or the bridal shower! LOVE IT.

You know how I am obsessed with s'mores at the wedding with the fire pit?? Well, this little idea takes my obsession to the next level. This is such an amazing way to display these little treats!