Let’s See Those Rings!

PSST: If you think I have what it takes, nominate me as one of the top 100 wedding blogs. I would appreciate it so much!!! Time to talk engagement rings!!!! Chances are you are already engaged, so let's show off our rings to the world, shall we???

Pre-engagement rings were the best thing to spend hours looking at, picking shapes, sizes, and imagining it on your finger for real one day. Post-engagement it is the one tangible thing that you constantly see that reminds you that this isn't your imagination, nope, it's all real! Your ring obsession has become the wedding planning and inspiration obsession that is now upon you as you prepare for the most amazing day of your life.

Your engagement ring isn't just a ring. It isn't about the size of the rock, but a confirmation that you two love each other and want to begin the rest of your lives together. I know that when I first got mine I would find myself staring at it all time time, and even then, I totally didn't believe it!

So, let's SEE these rings!!! E-mail a pic of your engagement ring to me (allison@engagedandinspired.com) and you'll see yourself featured on Engaged & Inspired! Include a picture of the ring, and any other details about the proposal, wedding, etc. that you are bursting at the seems to share! Heck, send along as many photos as you want :) You're engaged and your excited, so let's share it all here! Oh and if you are on Twitter, include your Twitter ID too. That way I can know who you are :)

Can't wait to see what you all have sitting on your left hand!

PS: If you are not yet engaged, send pics of your dream ring! Oh and make sure you shop at Abazias for your engagement rings.