Ventana Inn, Possible Venue Spot???

As you can probably imagine, I am driving myself crazy with this venue search! Holy Moly this is just getting ridiculous! So, I have decided to just go flat out and look for a place until I find one. I am having 2 major problems when finding a venue: First is that I can't find a place with my true style with what I really want. Some are close, but have some great big draw backs that just won't work. My second problem is just that I am not willing to completely overpay for a place. I just can't do it and feel good about myself, which makes finding a reasonable venue that much harder.

I found this place again today and remembered how much I like it. I looked at the numbers and so far, they don't seem that bad actually. I know that the place will probably not be as great as it seems at first glance, but as of now, I'm in love with this place, so I'll consider it for a moment longer!

Ventana Inn in Big Sur, CA

The view from the reception Terrace.

The Gorgeous Fire Pit area! Seeing as firepits and s'more making is one of my favorite ideas ever, I am really happy to see that they have a space for that!

Here is the option of having a reception at the firepit spot, or I could just do the cocktail hour there, then come back for dancing!