{Darling Details} The Lovely yet Manly Boutonniere

Credit: Lizzie's blog, bottom left photo: Jason + Anna Photography

When it comes to boutonnieres, it's time to get a little creative! The single rose is out, and these fun but still mainly creations are taking it's place. Etsy happens to be a great place to find boutonniere creations fit for the the creative wedding.You kind of don't realize how important the boutonniere is until you see some fantastic looking ones. This is one detail that I have always sort of looked past, but now that I see how awesome it can be, you better believe I'll be picking out some amazingly awesome boutonnieres.

I personally love what Jasmin from Wildflower Event Florals did for Lizzie's wedding (bottom left photo). Each part of the boutonniere had been incorporated into the wedding already from the wood flower that was in all the boutquets to the fabrics that had been used on the bouquets and centerpieces. They fit everything so incredibly well and looked amazing.