What do you Think??

I saw this shoot, and I wanted to bring it up for discussion! Now, you know me and my obsession with props and details and colors and all that. Anything to make it non-original. I love parasols and people holding them. Those are some of the cutest shots ever! To me, parasols aren't one of those things that you can make into something it is not. Hanging them or putting them on the floor as decor, to me looks rather cheesy. Now, seeing as things can be "done" and "done right" I can't say that this goes for every use of the parasol. From what I have seen, I feel like it generally looks rather cheesy, but I know someone out there has done it and done it so well that there is no arguing that it is gorgeous.

I want to hear your thoughts on this one! Do you like or dislike?? Are you using them for your wedding and how??