Wedding Day Looks

Let's talk make up for a second! The options are truly endless, but there may be a few things to consider when doing your wedding day make-up! Generally you are going to want a look that isn't far too trendy. In 30 years from now you may not want to look back on a wedding photo regretting a fad you were rocking at that time. Keep the look classy and timeless, but by no means says you have to be boring!

The smokey eye may be a bit too harsh for the wedding day, but try one of these blended smokey eye looks. The drama of the eye is still there but it is blended to keep the look on the mild side. I personally love this look, especially with golds!

Here are pinks and oranges to create a more of a glow as opposed to a more dramatic look. This definitely screams fresh and clean. Just gorgeous!

Gobs of foundation paired with gobs of Mascara is never a good look. Of course you know that, but how much is too much? Obvisouly you will be wearing more make-up than you would on a given Wednesday but be sure your look enhances your features instead of covering them all up.

Photos by: All Dolled Up

Now here is the question-do you feel comfortable experimenting with your own wedding day looks, or are you planning on handing that pjob over to a professional??

What look are you planning on doing for your wedding day?