Backyard Wedding??

In my Wednesday post, I was talking about the possibility of a backyard wedding at my parent's house. I was asked to show some pictures of the space to give you guys a bit more of an idea of what I am talking about. Here you go! Oh and by the way we would obviously get the backyard in tip-top shape. It is currently still in winter-coming-into-spring mode.

There is ample street parking, some even offer up their driveways for extra parking. :)

Here are pictures of the front yard. I sort of like the idea of having it on the front lawn, but with cars everywhere, that might just look dumb in pictures.

People would enter through the left gate (right now being filled with BBQ's). This area would be perfect for the sign in space as well as the gift table. Cute lights could be strung from the house to the fence.

This would most likely be the ceremony spots. As you can see there are ample trees so I think it would be amazing to string tons of lights from the house roof to the trees or the fence. I would sort of create a "ceiling" for the backyard by adding SO many strings of lights!

This door goes to the dining room, where I would put all the food. The pool would be filled with rose petals and candles floating all around! Gorgeous.

Here are the pics of the backyard. There is actually a whole other side to the lawn where the reception portion would take place. The dance floor would go behind the pool and there is a wet bar inside for drinks!

(Pic from the Engagement Party!)

Thanks for all the comments from you guys gave me some really good things to think about for sure! I think I could plan a great wedding for under $10,000 in this space and still have it be gorgeous. My main cons: I want the 3-day trip and I don't want myself or my family to be stuck with all the clean up! eeks!

Thanks for the input, definitely need to set the venue in stone really soon!