Happy Birthday Bear!

To all you wedding junkies: sorry for all the non-wedding related interruptions! :) Ok, back to the post: I was trying to find pictures of us and I couldn't find any! (except that one that I put on a mug for you...remember that?? It's just not a very good pic, but I do use that mug every Sunday night when I have my coffee!)

First of all, as far as the blog goes (from the other day) , apparently you can try it again....Ian said something about cookies being disabled?? I don't know, but he fixed it so you should be able to log in. Oh and make sure you use the www. Here is the link again try it again! Hopefully this can be a way for you and your fam to stay more in touch!


Yayy! it's your birthday! Exciting :) Happy birthday to you! I love you and I miss you!

(Wow that was a lot of exclamation points in one line!)

PS: You got a special mention by Grubgrade. Look at the end under "other" if you want.