Don’t Know What to Call This

I have to sway away from weddings for a second, but don't worry, I have a really good reason. I wrote a post a little while back about this same thing-I wanted to reach out to someone in the off chance that he stumbled across this blog (even though I am pretty certain he does :) ), and let him know that I missed him and was glad to hear he is doing well :) So here I go again with the reason for this post. We created a site with the purpose of fill in all the blanks, giving updates, and basically just trying to communicate back. I wanted to make the site known in an effort to reach out (again) because if there is a possibility of him actually seeing the blog and reading this post, then this is what I want him to know.

Link to the blog

PS If you actually do read this: You were right, Apple and Bisco will not allow a doggie in the house. :( But, we are going to be moving sort of soon to a real house with a backyard, so my fingers are crossed that they will allow one then! I want a little Beagle. So cute.

Oh and I definitely thought of you when I made the cake pops, they took like 8 hours to make!!! Insane, but super worth it.They are from Bakerella, which I am sure you have heard of.

Thanks for the engagement letter :) we were super excited to receive it. And yes, tons going on in my life-but that is pretty normal for me, right?

Trying to think of anything else epic to tell you, but I feel like you know every detail anyway. I remember when you were the one telling me to start a blog because you wanted to be able to keep up on everything since my tweets were so vague! Well, look what that turned into... :)

We'll post more pics and news and all that on the blog too so that you can be uber-updated. Oh and BTW-the mailman isn't mad at Chloe anymore-so mail can go back to the house!