Reusable Wedding Decor

As I have talked about in the past, I plan to make the most of my wedding by make almost every part of my wedding functional after the wedding is over. My house style and wedding style don't differ very much, so everything that goes in my wedding, will then be used for a house makeover! I plan to double the bang for my buck by using everything twice, not to mention the fact that this eco-friendly way of planning my wedding will save more than just money.

Love the table number attached to the pitcher. These colors are amazing!

I am thinking about centerpieces right now. This is probably the easiest part in terms of functionality because vases can always be at home. I was thinking of doing a pitcher with some baker's twine around it.Pitchers are so different in terms of centerpiece vases. These ones from Crate and Barrel are amazing and the one with the Fluer De Lys is my all time favorite! It is from Anthropologie and is $28 each! If I used them for the centerpieces I would have to buy 10, which would be quite expensive!

Pitchers are completely functional after the wedding. Pitchers are always needed for entertaining, or I could enjoy some homemade lemonade outdoors in the summer. I can also use them as vases and add them to the fireplace mantel or on wall shelves. See lots of ideas!

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