Taking the Blog to Baby-Land

Since it is Saturday, I feel like I can sway off the point of my blog a bit (weddings) and go into babyland for a second. I know you brides-to-be are probably so focused on the wedding that babies are not in your mind frame right now, at least that's how I am. I set my "going to be preggers" date and I am leaving it at that. In the meantime, wedding galore! But, whether babies are on your mind or not, this is some pretty amazing photography. I came across this photo shoot done by Amelia Lyon and fell in love with it. It's kind of like the engagement shoot, but for babies. Such a cute idea.  I am most definitely doing one of these!

I would literally purchase and hang that top photo in my house. It is incredible.

I love the vintage romantic just as much. This photo shoot is just darling. I officially LOVE Amelia Lyon.

Then, during my daily pursuing of my blogs, I came across the Onsie Cupcakes from Quintessential Quirks. Well aren't those just darling!! Since I was already planning on taking my blog to babyland for the day, I figured this would be a great addition.

With marriage just around the corners, babies in a baby carriage do come next....How long do you plan to wait after the wedding before getting pregnant???