Lizzie’s Bridal Shower!

As you may know, Lizzie's bridal shower was this weekend! This is the first time all the Bridesmaids have been together in a very long time, so it was good to see everyone :) We had a little impromptu bridesmaid photo shoot which came out incredibly well!

Next up: Bachelorette Party! Then onto the wedding :)

She is so cute with all the details! She got the amazing sign and the cupcake toppers from Etsy along with a few other additions such as a strand of cloth flags. The whole space was beautiful.

Those cupcakes, which I fully made from scratch, were amazing! They had lots of coconut some chocolate chips and more coconut frosting! So amazing :)

And of course we did all the bridal shower things! We opened presents and played a few games. We did the game where you make dresses out of toilet paper, and we played a game called "what's in your purse?" I've never played it before, and it was super fun!

(How to Play: There is a list of items, if you have them in your purse you pull it out. At the end there is a points system with some items being worth more, and others being worth only a few points! At the end the person with the most points wins!)

All photos taken by the only guy at the bridal shower: Cooper Falk!!