Yacht Wedding - Katie Smith Photography

"We absolutely loved our wedding.  It was simple, creative, and beautiful. We didn't really have a budget, but we definitely stuck to one anyway!" - Christine, Bride. This was quite a detailed wedding as you will see below. The bride put thought and effort into all the little things but the best part is that when reading what she had to say, it is apparent that every detail she added had a special meaning to the couple. That is just adorable! Major thank you to Katie Smith Photography for shooting this wedding and letting me post it up here!

Bride Tip: "I made sure to get all the little details out of the way as early as possible. That was I was able to enjoy the week of our wedding.  Our friends started to arrive on Wednesday so we were able to spend quality time with them on the boat and the beach beforehand.  I would recommend that to everyone!  The wedding goes by so fast and I really felt like I had spent a lot of time with all of my guests by the time the wedding was over."

Katie Smith Photography did a fantastic job of capturing the energy and excitement of the couple.

Favorite part of the Wedding: It’s hard to pick a favorite part of the wedding, but I if I had to pick something, I think it would have to be our first dance.  We secretly took dance lessons, but not just any dance lesson…we learned the Tango, and surprised everyone with it as our first dance!

A fun surprise: I surprised Keith with a "groom's cake"!  I had a boat cake made that looked identical to our boat that we not only go out in ALL the time, we also were engaged on the boat.  He was so excited!

Personalized Detail: "I came up with the idea of the personalized shot glass/votive for table favors.  I put Personalized M&M’s in each one (wrapped in tulle).  The M&M’s were Silver and White and one M&M said 'Keith & Christine Lewis' and the other said 'Just Married'.  I found the glasses at www.discountmugs.com (about $100) and the M&M’s (about $100) through www.mymms.com/

Photographer: Katie Smith Photography

Thank you so much Christine and Keith for having a fun and equally amazing wedding and letting us show it off! Thank you to Katie Smith Photography for this fantastic wedding! Katie Smith Photography is a great supporter of Engaged and Inspired and is one of our sponsors, so thank you very much!