Rosebud Lips

Fabric flowers are quite in vogue in the wedding fashion industry. But, once in a while you come across the person who takes a trend to an entirely different level! When I saw her latest creations my already extreme love for Rosebud Lips doubled (or quad-tripled!) Introducing her newest wedding collection "Old, New, Borrowed, Blue Collection". It is perfectly titled that because, "The lace is borrowed from a dress, the silk is blue, the antique brooch is old, and the silk is brand new. Four in one."

And what innovative idea is part of that collection??? The Rosebud Lips version of a guarder belt! This is by far the best one I have ever seen :)

And to match?? Just add this darling bouquet!

The Rosebud Lips wedding collection is available now on the Bridal Boutique!

Also, take a look at her Bio, she really does have an inspiring story!