Girl Talk, Blog Talk

Photos By: Cooper Falk. "Models" Liz, Melissa and myself. I have talked about all of them on my blog and will continue to show off their wedding plans and inspiration!

When I began to create Engaged and Inspired, I wanted it to feel like a bunch of girls talking and getting excited about all the different wedding ideas. I wanted to excite brides and above all, help them.

My inspiration for the blog came from my very own BMs. There is nothing like having girlfriends to talk to and there is nothing like creating the most amazing day of your life with them by your side. Those people in your life are irreplaceable, and having them help keep you calm to make all the decisions, then stand by you as you say "I Do" is fantastic.

So, for the blog header- I decided to go with something personal and unique. I wanted something that showed the bond of girls and joy of planning a wedding with your best friends. So I used real people planning real weddings who all know what it's like planning a wedding.

I want the blog to represent a place where you can always come for help, advice and inspiration! E & I is always here, and would love to be a part of the wedding planning bond between you and your best friends.