My Wedding Bands

I think this is the point where I got a little too far ahead of myself-looking at wedding bands!  Finding a band to match the settings of the diamonds has been a bit challenging for me so I always want to look.

The guy helping me said he had a perfectly fitting band for me, so I tried it on. Since they were petite, I wanted to see what two looked like! In the end I decided to buy them so I could "try them on" a bit more to see if I really liked them, and because once their stock goes-you can't get it anymore. I know I shouldn't have as I will either be tempted to wear them, or they have to sit in my closet for a year, but I wanted to. I have a couple of issues with them, but I don't know how much they will really bother me.

The top two photos are wearing both bands as "one" band in the wedding band area. The bottom two have a band on each side. I don't know which way I want to wear them though. The ring has diamonds on either side of band so the wedding bands cover all of those.

Should I keep those bands or keep looking for something I love love love? I do have about a year, so something is bound to come along I would think.

PS: My hands are horrif in these pictures...and they are all personal photos so the quality is not very good either. Sorry!