In total, I have 8 bridesmaids. Three of them don't know that they are Bridesmaids yet, and I don't think this is the proper place to tell them about it! So those will be coming soon. I also didn't show my Maid of Honor here (my sister) and will be putting together something special for her. So for now, I am showing these 4.

From Top to Bottom we have: Melissa, Michelle, Jackie (with the ring bearer/my godson!) and Liz.

Here is the formal introduction, and I will definitely post so much more about them! I want to thank them in advance for what they are about to go through with me. It is going to be insane, and fun, and knowing me, a little hectic, but it is going to be the greatest thing ever! I am so lucky to have these phenomenal people in my life to share this day with!