Wild Ones

There are two things I love, using everyday things to create a unique wedding experience, and things with character as opposed to perfection.

Garden flowers are quite pretty and add great character where ever used. These types of flowers offer rich colors and imperfect arrangement, gorgeous. These types of flowers fit into my color scheme and portray the "Spring" theme quite well.

Onto the next thing I love, using everyday things to create a unique wedding experience. To me, this is my favorite of anything you can do for your wedding. For one thing, you don't have to end up with tons of decor items after the wedding if you improvise and find things that you can definitely use after (lighting, containers, picture frames, etc. Look forward to more posts on my new everyday finds) Secondly, the unique ideas added to your wedding, the things that define you as a couple, are the things that make your wedding special.

So, how do I plan to incorporate a "tea" jar and some wild flowers? One idea is to get 10 of those jars each marked with a different things and make each the centerpiece. Instead of table numbers, the tables would be labeled "tea" and "coffee" etc.

The other idea is to add those labeled jars to the outer areas of the wedding as decor. Placing them on bar tables during cocktail hour, on the cake table, at the bar, etc. A personal touch without too much focus on it is definitely the way to go!

What personal touches are you adding?