30 years ago

While I wrap myself up in all the wedding planning, I tend to forget about what's next. This past Christmas, I was reminded about all that was in store.

It all started when my mom opened a present from my dad Christmas morning. It was a burned CD that said "30" on it. He took us into his office and played what was on it. A 20 minute video of pictures. Pictures of when they were dating,  their wedding (30 years ago),  pregnancies, babies, Christmases, houses they had purchased and all the memories that came with them. This, accompanied with a song from their first date and another which was my favorite song as a child, and some really funny pictures mixed in created something which we both laughed at and cried about. At the end my mom opened her second present, a photo album with every picture on the CD in print and in order so we could look through it whenever we wanted. It was rather inspiring to see.

Our wedding will be one amazing event, but what's even better is to think about the fact that our wedding will lead us a place where we will build up mountains of memories, build a family, and build a life together, something which up until now, has never been available to us. Of course I am excited about the wedding, but I am more excited about what the wedding will lead to, a marriage! In 30 years, I don't want a new ring, or a new house-but the chance to look back at the lives we have created together.