DIY Treat

Once Like A Spark photographed this cute DIY wedding. DIY and unique incorporations are one of my all time favorite things! Randa (the Bride) worked hard to create a gorgeous autumn ambiance by adding in all autumn textures, colors, and details from peacock feathers to burlap sacks! She worked hard, and probably had many DIY projects going at once, to create an overall look that she created completely herself.

In lieu of a cake, the couple had fall-themed petit fours displayed on a burlap-wrapped tiered cake stand. This alternative cake idea is so creative and so cute! It still adds the full effect of being a cake, yet is such a great alternative. The couple's wedding shot was gorgeous, not to mention to the venue they picked!

These creative shots give you something spectacular to look back at to remember each detail of your wedding in an artisic way! Thanks to Once Like A Spark for sharing this DIY treat!