Ready, Set, Location!

I concluded in my last post, that we decided to limit the guest limit making the final number 35 people.  So how do we find the right size space to accommodate this quantity?



We knew that we didn’t want an outdoor event because the uncertainty of the weather would have caused us stress up until the last minute.  The venues that I was familiar with were too large for our small guest list and I didn’t want to have us feel lost in the room.  I wasn’t finding as many smaller venues in our area so I started looking into function rooms within restaurants and didn’t find just the right space.

I broadened my horizons outside of the Raleigh area and still didn’t have as much luck as I had hoped.  I then began focusing in on B&B’s thinking that might be just the right direction to take: ceremony and reception all in one.  And there it was…The King’s Daughters Inn!  It is the perfect blend of 17 guest rooms, a parlor for the ceremony and reception, sun room for cocktail hour, and a dining room for dinner and cake.  We rented the whole Inn and our wedding will be an overnight getaway for our guests!

Has anyone else had to alter their venue ideas to better suit your guest list headcount?

{Real Brides} Kerri : Modern, Chic Simplicity

Hello Brides!  Thank you for welcoming me into the E & I family and for joining in on my wedding planning adventures.  I am looking forward to sharing my inspirations, the experiences that I have encountered so far and getting your input along the way.  I'll see you each Wednesday!

Name:   Kerri
Location:   Durham, North Carolina
Budget:  It's a moving target!
Age:  33
Occupation:  Interior Designer/Project Manager
Wedding Date:  March 16, 2013
Venue:   The King's Daughters Inn
Planner:   Me!
Photographer:  Rebecca Ferguson Photography

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Source: Rebecca Ferguson Photography


Source: Style Me Pretty

About me:

Who would have thought that a northern girl would fall in love with a southern boy!  Clay and I met online, we had our first date on April Fool’s day in downtown Raleigh in 2011 and we have been teaching each other about the ways of the North and South ever since!  “Y’all” versus “Wicked”…BBQ versus Linguica…Mash a button versus Push a button…Over yonder versus Over there…Chicken on a biscuit for breakfast versus Egg and cheese on a bagel for breakfast.  Chicken on a biscuit for breakfast?!?!?!  I am working hard at better understanding the southern way of living and Clay has the patience of a saint…bless his heart!

Clay did make quite the southern statement though.  He proposed to me in Charleston South Carolina, in a beautiful little park, in front of a Confederate war monument!  (He really was romantic about it!)

Source: The King's Daughters Inn

Wedding style:

Our venue has become the focal point from which our wedding planning revolves around.  The King’s Daughters Inn is a boutique B&B with 17 guest rooms and the place where our guests will witness our ceremony, celebrate with dinner and dancing, followed by an overnight stay.  It is beautifully designed around the 1920’s Art Deco style and has amazing architectural details, custom headboards and gorgeous fabrics.  We have chosen colors, attire, flowers and food that complement the setting while at the same time infusing our personal style…a modern, chic simplicity.

Until next Wednesday...

Introducing: E&I Bride Kerri

I'm excited to introduce to you our newest 2013 bride, Kerri! This gal is tying the knot in Durham, North Carolina on March 16! Check out her inspiration board and I can't wait to see what she does with her fabulous venue, gorgeous inspiration and totally fun location.