Unique DIY To Do's

 With 100 days until the big day, it's time to start completing some fun an creative DIYs.  Here are a few of the unique items that I am hoping to make to include in our big day.

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Wedding Signage: I love the look of personalized signage. And lucky for me I have a handy fiance and a access to some old weathered wood. I can't wait to see the final product and I will be sure to share the final results.

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Unique Bridal Party Intro: I love the idea of creating a cute program with an intro to the bridal party. I am thinking of incorporating their photo on the print material and maybe some fun facts about each.

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Along with making signage out of old wood, I am also dying to make these wonderful boxes.

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I even purchased a wood burner to add our initials and wedding date to the boxes as well.

Here are a few other items that I am hoping to make or purchase before the big day.

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I will be sure to post tutorials for all the items that I make. So what fun DIY items are you making for your wedding?


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Bridal Makeup & Tips for Looking Your Best On The Big Day

This past weekend I had the pleasure of doing my trial run for my makeup with Jessica, of the fabulous Polish and Pout. She was awesome to work with, and listened to all my preferences and vague descriptions of makeup preferences. Seriously; she is a miracle worker. I came in with a lot of opinions and very few examples, yet she captured exactly what I was looking for. The day before my appointment I exfoliated my face which I learned was a big no-no. I really should have done that a couple of days before and just used a good moisturizer the night before. Opps. Hey, this is all a learning curve and I will definitely not make that mistake before the big day.

Source: Wedding Chicks & Flawless Faces

I really wanted to have a very natural look to my makeup as I don't wear a lot in my day to day life.  Highlighting my features and natural beauty was the goal. As Jessica put it, "you wear the make up, it doesn't wear you".


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I loved the final look she created and I know I will look amazing on my big day. Jessica did offer a few tips that bride should remember regarding their beauty routine and the big day:

1. Don't start any new skin treatments with less than 2 months before your wedding. Should you have an allergic reaction you want to make sure that all visible signs are long gone before you say "I do".

2. The day before you wedding make sure to hydrate and drink a lot of water. Most brides don't get a lot of sleep the night before their wedding, but having that hydration will give your skin that nice glow that every bride wants and help curve tired eyes. In addition a thick moisturizer and eye cream should be used the night before to make sure your skin is all prep'd for the next day.

3. If you are going to get a spray tan before your wedding, DO NOT spray your face. Some spray tans can come out blotchy and make it hard for a makeup artist to match the color. A good makeup artist can always make you darker to match the rest of your body rather than covering up a blotchy complexion.

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Here are a few tips from me in selecting your makeup artist:

Pick someone you are going to be comfortable with. Talk with them on the phone and find out the products that they use. How long have they been doing makeup? Follow up on their website or Facebook for work samples. Most makeup artists do have a travel fee, so make sure to ask what that is going to be and run through with them the number of people that need their makeup done. Some artists may require an additional person to ensure that they can complete everyone in time for the days festivities.


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Have Your Cake & Eat Something Else Too

For our wedding I knew that I wanted to break the tradition of a big wedding cake as the only dessert available for our guests. Cakes have never been my first choice for dessert and choosing a desserts that my Mr and I really enjoy was important to us.


Source: Call Me Cupcake

Source: Top: The Brides Cafe Bottom Left: Bridal Musings Right: Every Last Detail

We got so lucky in finding Sugar and Spice Specialty Desserts from a yelp review, and based on their customer reviews that looked be a great fit for what we wanted.  Clarissa, the owner, took note of ourdesire to not have a traditional wedding cake and emailed me a list with a ton of other dessert options she could do along with photos of some of her past work. When we arrived for our tasting we were amazed at how many fun items she had for us to sample. From truffles, to chocolate carmel bites, cake pops, pop tarts (yes, as in the flaky pastry kind), and multiple flavors of cupcakes we were in dessert heaven. After the full sugar coma set in we talked dessert bar. Clarissa and I came up with some great options for setting up the dessert buffet, how it was going to be styled and finally what dessert items we wanted.

Source: Top Left: Wedding Chicks Top Right: Polka Dot Bride Bottom: Bridal Musings

I cannot wait to see all these yummy desserts on display for our guests to enjoy. And yes, we did decide to have a very small cake made in order for us to have the traditional cake. We had to keep some traditions.

So, cake or no cake? Dessert table? What fun ideas are you coming up with for your dessert.


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Techy Photo Booth Alternative

I love the idea of photo booths at a wedding. Not only are the photos keepsakes that guests get to take home to commemorate your day, but all the fun photos that the bride and groom get to keep of their guests after the wedding. When my Mr and I first got engaged, we looked into the cost of renting a photo booth and had a hard time justifying the cost. It wasn't a must have item for us and there comes a point in budgeting when you have to figure out what your must have items are.

Source: Top: Snippet & Ink Bottom Right: Wedding Chicks Left: Wedding Chicks

I got really excited when I discovered Wedding Snap. This website and smart phone app allows for your guests to have a designated area to share the photos they capture of your big day. Brides can sign up through the website and receive an album code. Wedding Snap provides information cards to hand out to guests explaining how they can access the site through the web or smart phone app and upload photos. Guests can download the free app and upload the photos they capture with their phone throughout the night.

Source: Wedding Snap

Any photos uploaded to your album will be avaliable to view and download online. Guests can even see the photos already uploaded to the album through the app as well. All photos stay online up to a year after your wedding, so friends and family are able to go and see photos captured as well as upload photos taken with a digital camera.

Source: Wedding Snap

Long gone are the days of leaving disposable cameras on tables for guests to use . Being someone who pretty much only uses my iphone for photos, I love the option of being able to share photos captured by our guests and  to have copies for myself. I plan on posting details about Wedding Snap at my bridal shower, so some of my guests will already have the app downloaded and be familiar with it before the wedding. Also, Wedding Snap allows you to create folders with your album so I can separate photos taken at the bridal shower and bachelorette.

What do you think of Wedding Snap? Do you think guests will be able to catch on and utilize it during and after the wedding?


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Peanut Butter Jelly Time - {Favors}

With less than six months to go until Wedding Day, it is time to start thinking about some of the smaller DIY projects that still need to be completed. One projects that I am looking forward to completing is making favors for our guests. As a kidgrowing up my family would always make homemade blackberry jam. It was always a family affair with all the kids and adults helping to pick and can all the jelly that we could. So, it only seemed fitting that this labor of love, and family tradition would make for great wedding favors. Source: Top: Snippet & Ink via Sarah Cramer, Bottom Left: Etsy Right: Rustic Country Wedding

I love the idea of a custom label for our each jar and great display area.

Source: Inspired by This via Steep Street

Source: Top: The Brides Cafe via. Katy Gray, Bottom Left: Polka Dot Weddings via. Bottom Right: Once Wed via Aaron Delesie

What memorable favors are you making for your guests?

A Good Hair Day Is A Must

Having great hair on your big day is almost as important as selecting the perfect dress. So, when deciding on how to style my hair I took a couple of things into consideration; first was how is my hair going to hold up over the whole day. After being in a few weddings last year I learned that an "up-do" fared well through all of the festivites. Although I love a flowly, more natural style, I can only imagine the stringy mess my hair would be be by the end of the night. 

Source: Lovery.ly via Kiss the Groom, Style Me Pretty

I love the look of the side swepted style that is so popular right now and I am thinking this will be my best option to complement the style of my dress as well as having a style that will look good until that very last photo.

Source: Snippet and Ink & Wedding Chicks via Erich Mcvey


Source: Grey Likes Weddings via Lori Paladino & June Bugs Wedding

Since I am opting not to have a traditional veil, I think a blinging hair piece would be a great compliment the any of these styles.

Source: inspired by this, Make Me Fabulous, etsy

I moved up my hair trial to June in the hopes that I can determine my prefered style and will have plenty of time to shop for pretty hair accessories.

What's your day of hair style preference? How do you feel about the hair accessories to much or just the right bling for the day?

Semi-DIY Save the Dates

Operation: Complete Save the Dates, is in full swing around our home right now. I knew that getting those cute little postcards in the mail would be a time crunch on my end. You see, I really had my heart set on using a photo from our engagement pictures on the Save the Dates. Well, due to weather and our busy schedules, we had to push the date of our engagement shoot back about a month. This change therefore caused us to bend that rule of sending your Save the Dates at the six month mark before your wedding. (We are five months away as of Sunday!) In order to make this process go as quickly as possible, my choice of vendors made all the difference in keeping my sanity and expediting the process.

For our Save the Dates, I used a free download from The Wedding Chicks. I loved the design and was really happy that all I had to do was drop my information and photo in and BAM, there was my beautiful Save the Date postcard.

 Source: The Wedding Chicks

With that said though, I did run into a few mine issues. First, the photo that I wanted to use had to be scaled to an exact measurement in order for the template to work correctly. I was very lucky to have a photographer that was so kind to oblige and edit the image for me in less than 24 hours. Once I had my wonderful Save the Date files I started looking into printing online, figuring this would be the fastest and most cost efficient way to get these printed. I started finding that a lot of the online printing sites only allow you to upload files to a sized template; unfortunately my print job wasn’t with those predetermined sizes. I tried to complete a customer order with the size I needed, but the proofs weren’t scaled correctly. With the clock ticking, I started to panic a bit;  at this rate I should just wait and send invitations!

I contacted a local printer in town to check on the pricing for printing and see how fast the turnaround was. Not only was I so happy to work with a real life person, not one of those customer service chat screens that you get online, but the printer actually found a slight formatting error near our names that was causing the letters to have extra spaces in some locations. (YIKES!) They offered to fix the problem for FREE if I went ahead and had them printed there and that the turnaround would be three days. I was so excited that I signed off on the proof ASAP and got my Save the Dates at the end of the week.

In my own experience, having the printing done local was a HUGE life saver. Not only was I able to see the proofs in person, rather than in a digital file that was emailed to me, I completely avoided a potential freak out regarding the spacing in our names. Yes, I am sure I would have been the only one to notice this, but hey they still would have bothered me. That is just who I am, obsessed with the details and perfection. If you can find a printing company in your area my suggestion is to print local, avoid online printing and go with the real life person that can help you if something isn’t right with your final product. With that said here are our wonderful Save the Date cards that I am happy to show off. 

I went through zazzle.com to order some custom postage for our cute postcards. Did you know there was such a thing? Me neither until a friend told me. Forget those American Flags on your wedding invites, you can upload a photo of yourself or choose from a ton of other customer options to add some flare to your invites. I went with a classic “love” stamp in our wedding colors.Source: zazzle.com

Anyone else have a panic attack when it came to the deadline of getting things in the mail? What are your experiences with printing online vs. printing local?

Engagement Photo Inspiration

The idea of taking engagement photos has come a long way from portrait studios in the 70's with a plain back drop and no natural light. Today's bride and groom have so many options when taking photos. Popular today are outdoor backdrops with natural lighting  reflecting of the bride and groom's style and personalities.

Source: Amy + Ryan

Long before we took our engagement photos I knew that I wanted our photos to be a reflection of my Mr and I. Since we both work in the construction industry as project managers, photos at an active jobsite were just one of the ideas that we had when choosing locations for our photos. Here are some photos that gave me inspiration in choosing locations and ideas for props that we included in our photos.

Source: Green Wedding Shoes

Source: Hannah + Blake

engagement photosSource: Heart

engagement photo with dog

Source: Tiana + Daniel

Next week I'll be back to share our fabulous engagement photos.

Engagement Story

Hello Lovelies, I am very excited to be a part of the Engaged and Inspired Crew of Brides. Since you will be following me weekly on Monday's, I felt that a little intro to myself and the Mr (aka Steve) is in order.

Steve and I have been dating over 2 years now and met through working in the same industry. I feel very lucky to have met the most amazing man who makes me happy everyday that we are together. Steve popped the question last year while we were on vacation in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico. To say that he gave me a good engagement story would be a huge understatement. Every girl dreams of the romantic proposals like you see in the movies and that is just what my man delivered.

suprise proposal

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The first full day of our vacation is where this story starts. Steve and I had spent a great day at the beach enjoying the sun and getting settled into full vacation mode.  Steve seemed very adamant that he wanted to go to the marina at sunset to watch all the fishing boats come in with their catch of the day. I was game and figured, margaritas at sunset, let's go! We changed our clothes and headed to the marina. I thought it was odd that Steve had an opinion of what dress I wore, and promptly made a selection for me. Once at the marina Steve was acting odd and quickly ditched our traveling companies (his parents) and started making a brisk walk down the marina. I started scolding him that it was rude to leave his parents behind as they were in for the "margaritas and boat watching" as well. That's when he sprung it on me that he planned a surprise and to just go with it. Before I knew it we were on a sailboat enjoying the sunset views and beaches. 

Little did I know.....

My love had planned an amazing proposal complete with the crew taking photos for us, roses and champagne at sunset. I hope you enjoyed our story; now I want to hear how your Mr popped the question!

E&I Bride: Heather

Today we get to announce yet another fabulous bride into the fold! Heather is a crafty gal getting married on October 13, 2012 at Scribner's Bend a small winery in Clarksburg, California. She will be here every Monday chatting about her wedding and the inspiration she has gathered. We are also hoping to get a few DIY tutorials out of her while she is here! Check out the inspiration she has put together of her wedding to give you all a little flavor of her big day!

Follow more of her wedding inspiration on Pinterest and for more updates, catch her on Twitter.

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