Color Splash

I love color, so the process of selecting wedding colors seems like a daunting task. The again, what are wedding colors really for? I have read that the purpose of selecting wedding colors is to set the tone for your wedding reception and tie everything together, but if you have a good aesthetic for color does everything really need to be so matchy matchy? So far  The Perfect Palette and Design Seeds are my favorite sites to search for color inspiration.

I love turquoise or aqua with a bright coral or yellow.

Sources: 1 & 2

Source: Design Seeds

I also like the look of a cool grey accented with muted colors.

Sources: 1 & 2

Since our entire wedding will be outdoors, I like the idea of playing off natural colors too.

Sources: 1 & 2

How did/are you picking your wedding colors? How many are too many?

Getting to Know Eachother – Wedding Colors

Hello again! I absolutely LOVED the comments I received from the last "Getting to Know Eachother" post. I feel like we know eachother just that much more now. I was absolutely amazed by the incredibly creative men that are with you all! I couldn't believe some of the stories!

This week I wanted to do something simple yet totally fun! Colors are one of my favorite things. I love all the endless possibilities. I think it is incredible! So I thought it would be fun to talk wedding colors over here on the blog.

What are your colors??

My Turn! As I have alluded to in my previous wedding color post I am obsessed with white. I want to do a lot of white, cream and ivory as the base color of the wedding. But, to mix it up, I want to add some "pop"! I plan on doing this by adding lots of vibrant spring colors such as yellow, pink, orange, purple, etc. etc. and incorporate a bit of zebra print. I know it all sounds very gaudy, but I plan on only adding bit and pieces of color to still keep the class of the white background.

Your Turn! What are your wedding colors going to be??? Feel free to post links to your wedding :)