Bridesmaid Dresses {The Color Face-Off}

My biggest dilemma with my bridesmaids dresses has been the color. I think I really like the ombre' or varied hues in one color look like the below examples.

Source: Green Wedding Shoes 1 & 2

I feel that I should stick to one color like blue or creamy tan. Same dress, totally different feel in each color.

Source: For Her And For Him

The blending of two colors looks great here though!

Source: Green Wedding Shoes

My coordinator said the tan would look best with the blue flowers, but I think they would look great with blue dresses as well. Also, the styles may be a bit different to compliment each girl. Need your input all!


Which pallet are you feeling?


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Wedding Website Sneak Peek

I got a call from my future sister-in-law (or just sister to me!) the other day with a very excited "Hey!!!". It seems that she was wondering if we had made our registries yet while on her lunch at work and decided to turn to Google to find the answer. Upon googling our names, she came across the Save-The-Date Video that the Mister had made for our wedding website. This of course reminded me that I haven't shared anything about our choices for a wedding website with you lovely readers! Surprise, we made one!

After sampling lots of different options we ultimately went with Wedding Wire's offerings. With unlimited pages and lots of add on's like maps, the ability to check on accommodations and even a reception song request tab, we couldn't go wrong. I also loved that the important things were available through a mobile version for people that were accessing the site through their phone.

Source: Our Website on Wedding Wire

With that said....I have to admit I am also using Appy Couple. The overall design of the app is ridiculously cool and new features are added all the time. I also like that our friends and family who have smart phones can follow along on our journey right from their home screen!

 Source: Our app from Appy Couple


I"m really happy with how both sites are turning out and cannot wait for our guests to use them.

What lead you to choose your wedding website host? How do you feel like having an app just for your wedding info?


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Nail'd It!

So while I was debating on hairstyles last week, I also began to  wonder what I should do with my nails. To bling or not to bling? It's a silly topic to some, but to others this is something fun to discuss and to distract you from your endless to-do list and piles of DIY supplies. (That "others" is me right now...big time!)

For me, freshly polished nails are a cherry to a perfect look. I'm not big on acrylic so I know I won't go that route but what's a girl to do? Our colors are various blues, creamy tans and earthy greens and browns. So I was thinking of adding a bit of blue in a fun way without going overboard maybe with something like these.

Source: The Beauty Department, Lyndar the Merciles

I'm a huge fan of the ring finger jazzed up with  something sparkly and these looks are just the ticket.

Source: Glamour, Cupcakes and Cashmere

These twists on the classic french manicure are fun too! 

Source: The Beauty Department, Pinterest, Something To Drink

Between all the big decisions and DIY goof-ups (more on this in another post), it's nice to focus on some small fun details like nails. My mind can relax a bit before it's back down to business. Time is flying by and I can't wait to make more planning progress to share!


How big are nails to you on the big day? Flashy or plain, where do you stand?

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Choosing a Hairdo for "I do"

One of the biggest things I worry about for the big day is my hair. Folks I'm gonna be real honest with you here, my hair kinda sucks.The color? Great!So blessed! But styling is a no-go the majority of the time. I actually wear my hair down most of the time and it's just straight with a mind of it's own. Hairspray only seems to anger it and it laughs at my pathetic attempts to curl it. It gets a great frizz when on the beach and even takes what would be a nice wave for some people to the "did she put her finger in a light socket?" level. So what's a girl to do? If you're answering scour the web for options and including a "please let me hair not suck that day" in my nightly prayer, you would be correct (and a tad overdramatic...). So here's what I'm loving...

Down with curls and a hairpiece. I'm initially drawn to this option since down is sort of my signature. But with uncooperative hair and lots of dancing, I doubt this will be a realistic option. But look at these options! How can you resist?

Source: Green Wedding Shoes, Martha Stewart Weddings

Braids! There is something so romantic and sweet about braids. I  love that you can do something sleek and sophisticated or messy and beautiful.

Source: Delightfully Tacky, Style Me Pretty, Hair and Make-up By Steph

Half up seems like a great compromise to having my hair down, but I still worry about what the ends would look like at the end of the night.

Source: Martha Stewart Weddings, ImgFave

Up, up and away! These are something beautiful to look at  and and with a great hairstylist should look great the whole night.

Source: Style Me Pretty, MODWedding

I'm in the processing of getting the info for a potential hairstylist and I have lot's of time to decided what I want, but it's one of the big unknown's right now. (Which I hate unknowns!)

Which is your favorite?  Any advice you could offer me?

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Save-The-Date Inspiration

My ideas for our save-the-dates has been all over the place. From overly whimsical for the mister's taste to pretty but a bit impersonal for my taste, I've thought about it all. We wanted to stay within our vintage-romantic theme while being personal and stopping short of bordering on something that could double as an invite to a kids party (or a singing telegram). These are just a few of the things I loved that we didn't go with or ultimately provided inspiration for our save-the-date!

I love the thought of this confetti popper with the details on saving the date is so sweet! The Mister was a big fan of the photo booth Save-The-Date.

Source:  Oh Happy Day, Whimsical Wedding Bliss, On Hand Modern

Have I mentioned how much I adore postcards? Over-the-moon adore! Aren't these amazing? I also have a thing for watercolor and it's ability to add color, softness, and elegance all in one stroke or drop. 

Source: Wedding Paper Divas, Wedding Paper Divas, Martha Stewart Weddings, Ruffled

In the end we went with traditional paper, but I think any of the more "fun" options would have been great if they fit better with our theme. This weekend we will be getting are had work together and finally seeing our final product! I can't wait to share them with you once I know they've all been received. Until them I must know...

 Did you do something fun for your Save-The-Dates? Anything special you included for wording or did you just have your names, date and city? 

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A Little Planning and A Lot of Everyday Life

Source: A Beach Cottage

I've discovered a flaw in our thought process in choosing an all inclusive venue and DIY-ing the rest...the lull between doing the big stuff. Lately life has been filled with many non-wedding things and the days with wedding planning is a bit of time for the small stuff life making a list of DIY's to complete and setting reminders (way in the future) for things that have to wait to be done.. It's funny because I really wanted to embrace this time and while I appreciate one less thing to worry about each day, I kinda wish I had it as a distraction.  In fact you see that beach up there? I'd very much like to be there right now with my lists and new issue of Martha Stewart Weddings. Between a new schedule for the Mister and I, side jobs and planning where we're going to live together, I'm a bit overwhelmed.

Did any of you experience this? Did you worry about getting behind or did you soak up the time spent away from your weeding Pinterest board and endless lists of "must get done right now"? A huge part of me wants to just fast forward to the good stuff (you know the I'm so busy with wedding things" part right before our wedding day).

Luckily all this extra time lets us stretch out things like creating out Save-The-Dates and slowly putting together our registry. I will just enjoy this while I can and wait patiently for the next wave of to-dos. Until then, I will be day dreaming about that beach and coming here to share my inspiration and little victories.

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All Signs Point to I Do

Wedding DIY's are not something you can't wait to complete until the last minute so I've been narrowing down exactly what I want to do.  Wedding signs are a great way to add a personal touch and these are my favorite!

I'd really love to have a cute sign that sets the tone for the day like one of these that tells your guests to sit anywhere they'd like during the ceremony! And since we'll have a good amount of tech savvy guests, the bottom right sign for Instagram would be great to replicate for our big day.

Source: The Sweetest Occasion, Style Me Pretty, Green Wedding Shoes

I also love the thought of having old fashion signs to direct people to different places within the venue, or even tell them how far they are from major destinations!

Source: Style Me Pretty, The Sweetest Occasion

And you can't forget a cute sign for photos and even for your sweetheart table.

Source: Wedding Chicks, Kiss The Groom, Style Me Pretty, Green Wedding Shoes

Also, if light DIY is more your thing you can always check out the free printables page here on Wedding Chicks and print out a pretty wedding sign with minimal supplies!

Did you or are you including a handmade sign for your big day? What do you think about the personalized hash tag for guests Instagramming and tweeting about your wedding?

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Adventures With a Registry Gun

After reading blog posts and registering and looking through magazine articles that said I "had to register" for this or that, I really wasn't all that excited about setting up our registries. Between the horror stories and the long list of things that I should have but will have no need for, I was ready to just include our Paypal info and call it a day. (Is that tacky? I assume you're nodding your head yes.) The more I thought about it, the more I wondered why it has to be a negative experience? So I decided it wasn't going to be. Easier said than done, right?

Source: Crate and Barrel

So the Mister and I had a chat about what stores or sites we wanted to use for our registries and then headed over to our first destination which was Kohl's. I shop at Kohl's regularly and they are really great about returns and I get tons of coupons which is really helpful when you have a lot to buy at once. I tried to be proactive and set up our basic information online beforehand so we could just pull up the info and start scanning! Unfortunately it didn't end up going that way. By the time the scanner was in our hand we were already a little frazzled from spending 30 minutes re-setting ourselves up. I think if that little bit of stress hadn't have happened it would have been a great experience but since it did, I quickly became overwhelmed by where we needed to start and trying to remember each thing we might need. We left with only about half of that registry done.

Luckily after about a month break, we went back to getting our registries done and it went really well! We did our Target registry which was really simple and a lot of fun. This time we took an open approach by just walking through each department and added things we could see ourselves using and things that would work cohesively in our home. Surprisingly it made a great date night! Dinner, desert and registering.

Source: Pottery Barn, Pottery Barn

So here's what I took out of it and what we'll stick to  in order to continue having fun while getting it done.

  • Make a list of where you want to register and see if there are any perks or rewards from registering there. Certain stores give you coupons or will give you special items for purchasing any remaining items on your registry. Also make sure the places offer registries and how easy it will be for you and your guests to use their registry.
  • Ignore the "have to register for" lists and register for things you feel you'll really need and use. Don't want an extra set of dishes and flatware just for special occasions and holidays? Don't include it! Not really interested in "things"? Register  for your honeymoon and experiences!
  • Don't try to get everything registered all at once. Trying to make sure you have every kitchen utensil you might need is a waste since you'll probably forget a pizza cutter. Break up the registries into a couple days in store and/or online.
  • Make it fun! Do fun things before and after and enjoy yourselves. Your fiancee might not like looking at throw pillows to add to your registry, but he will like scanning them with the gun! Maybe even let him add in some novelty glasses or a tech item he's been wanting. Also register for fun things like games to play when friends come over. Add things like camping gear or things for hobbies that you can do as a couple.
  • Make things easier on yourself. Using nifty things like the Amazon wish button (like the Pinterest pin button where you can add anything to your registry) and apps like Wedding Scan to add things from any store to a master registry. Not only are you saving yourself from having to sign up for multiple places, but you don't have to stress on filling an entire registry with items from just one store or having a registry on your website that only has a few things.
  • Revisit your registry. Make sure your in-store additions make it onto your registry and check in later to make sure you still want the things you previously added.
What did you find helpful when registering? What items were must haves for you and your fiancee?

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My Guide to Bridal Shows

My first experience with a bridal show was an awful one. I don't know if there was one definite thing that made it horrible, in fact I'm pretty sure it was several things. During my visit to a bridal show I made several mistakes from when I arrived and not preparing for all of the information I was going to have to carry around. I was lucky enough to have the Mister to accompany me and carry everything and since I am an introvert, he also started the conversations with most of the vendors we wanted to talk to. At the end of it all, I vowed never to return to one EVER again. [Spoiler alert! I'm going to another one!] I don't want anyone to be discouraged from attending bridal shows upon reading this. In fact, I want to encourage people to visit them no matter what stage of planning you're in. Not only are bridal shows a wealth of information, but many vendors offer discounts and many times you can be entered into drawing for free stuff! So here are my tips!

Source: My photo, Agape Creative Studios

Who - It's important to consider exactly who to bring with you to the bridal show. You're going to want to bring someone who is interested in your wedding planning and someone who can help you think things over and keep you from booking things impulsively. Bringing friends can be fun and it can make a great girls outing. Bringing family members such as your mom, mother in-law or sister can help make them feel included but they can easily overwhelm you with their own opinions if they're out spoken. Bringing your fiancee along can be fun, but remember that some guys aren't too interested in things like that. First consider if your guy would be okay going with you in the first place. If he doesn't don't take offense! I'm sure he will help in other ways! If this is the case sit down and discuss with him what you'd like to get out of the experience and what your plan of action should be if you find a vendor your're interested in. If your mister does come, remember that he may find other guys that were drug to the event by their significant others and catch up on the score for the big game. (There always seems to be a game of some sort that fall on these days.) If your man stands by you the whole day (congrats!) make sure to reward him! Treat him to a guy movie or beer after and let him know how great it was to have him by your side.

What - So what exactly should you bring to this? Remember that many vendors are going to want your information! So bring a pen (and your willingness to write the same info many times) or even prepare ahead with label sheets containing your information. It should be your name and contact information (mailing address, phone number and email). Bonus points for adding your wedding date also! This will save you time and save your wrist! I also recommend bringing a bag of some sort or have extra room in your purse. Most bridal shows provide you with a bag to store your goodies, but if they run out you don't want to be stuck lugging piles of paper from booth to booth. Lastly, you're going to be on your feet for several hours, so make sure you have shoes you're comfortable in!

When - When you attend the show (and which show if there are multiple in your area) really depends on how good you are with crowds and what features they have through the day. (I should note that the Mister compared it to a girls version of Comic-Con). Sometimes there are several different shows put on during different times of the year. Make sure to look into which vendors will be attending the upcoming show and which will meet what you're looking for. For example there is a local bridal company here in Fresno that put on a bridal show twice a year. One is smaller than the other which would be better suited for those who tend to shy away from big crowds but may not have some of the smaller vendors in attendance. If you choose the bigger show and are not a fan of crowds, try attending earlier in the day when less people are likely to be there.

Source: Premier Bride Showplace

I plan on attending another bridal show and hope to apply these tips. I anticipate having much more success this time around and will report back on how it goes!


Does you have any bridal shows local or travel to attend any? What was your experience? Do you have any other tips I may have missed? I'd love to hear your feedback!

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Playing Catch-Up & The Other White Dress

Unfortunately wedding planning has taken a back burner lately to make time for other personal matters which means my to-do list is pretty much the same.  However, now that our wedding party has been made official, I can finally share my final product for my "Will you be my?" cards.

These cards were so much fun to make and once I decided exactly what I wanted them to look like, very quick to put together. I make cards as a hobby so these were made with a lot of tools I use normally (die cuts, embossing tool, etc.). I think my favorite part is the embossed dress on the front.

Speaking of dresses I've been trying to build of my stash of pretty frocks. When doing a bit of online shopping recently, I realized that I've become drawn to all things white! Luckily, I will have lots of events coming up that will require just that! Here's what I'm finding dreamy and oh-so perfect.

Source: Ruche, Ruche, eShakti, Ruche

 If something a bit fancier is your style, you'll love these dresses  as much as I do.

Source: Nordstrom, BHLDN, Modcloth, Bloomingdale's

The top options are casual enough to not be stuffy but versatile enough to be dressy with the right accessories. The bottom options are very chic and most would do well as receptions dresses. You can easily tie in other elements for your upcoming wedding like vintage jewelry or a pop of color from your pallet. I won't be having a reception dress but I love some of these options as inspiration for my bridal shower and rehearsal dinner dresses. 

How do you feel about white before the wedding?


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